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As a PGCPS parent, I am passionate about ensuring that our schools are safe places for all of our children to learn and grow. That is why I am running to represent you on the school board.


 Platform for Better Schools

  • Mental Health- Prioritize mental health resources in our schools to address the root causes of student safety. This includes hiring more school counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Mental Health professionals will not only be utilized by the students but more readily available for staff as well. 

  • Social and Emotional LearningStrengthen social and emotional learning programs in schools.  Ensure that all schools have a strong social and emotional learning framework that is being actively utilized in each building. This would also include implementing restorative justice programs, peer mediation, and counseling for our older students. 

  • Physical SecurityEnsure our schools have physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access; including more security cameras, metal detectors, and secure entryways and decreasing the use of trailers.

  • Parental involvement- Engage parents at each building in the conversation around school safety and encourage them to take an active role in creating and promoting safe schools,

  • Increase Academic Achievement

    • Implement evidence-based strategies to improve math achievement

  • Increase Funding- to support the needs of  District 5.

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